5 Travel Tips for Surviving Long-haul Flights

Imagine you’re on a flight that will take you all day. You’ll need some strategies to survive long-haul flights that make air passengers cloned together on the flight. This is the era of technology; if you do your homework, you will step down at the arrival point as your normal self — in the same shape you were in at the departure point.

We shall be taking a look at five smart tips that can be employed to overcome jet lag that easily befall those that take part in long flights. Going on that long journey will never be a problem for anyone who follows our recommendations here after reading this exclusive.

5 Travel Tips for Surviving Long-haul Flights
Airplane aisle during flight

Your Outfit

If you’re going on a long flight, you should think about what you’re going to wear for comfort rather than fashion. Make sure you’re wearing something you’re comfortable in. When you go for that tight-fitting clothing that brings out your shape, you are not going to value it after long hours of sitting in your seat.

It is strongly advised that you wear loose-fitting layers that will give you freedom of movement. You will be liable to vein thrombosis when you sit for long hours with your legs cramped. Wearing loose-fitting clothes will assist you in overcoming the issues associated with that.

Put on compression stockings that can reduce the swelling that might occur during the flight. With the right clothes, surviving long-haul flights will be guaranteed, to some extent.

Upgrade If You Sincerely Want to Survive Long-haul Flights

You have to get prepared to upgrade, although it will cost you extra. Any amount spent on comfort to survive long-haul flights is money judiciously spent. You could be lucky to get favorable deals from airline operators in instances when they have not sold out their first-class tickets for the flight.

Call the airline to ask for clarification ahead of time. Do not leave the matter to your travel agent alone. When you go the extra mile, the chances are you might be able to get a rebate. You can use Plus grade to upgrade your bid. Enter the amount you are willing to pay for the upgrade through the website of the airliner. If you are successful, the airline will notify you by email and then debit your credit card.

You can also ask agents at the departure lounge for an upgrade, and you might get lucky to snatch one.

The Stuff You Carry

If you want to be as comfortable as possible during that long flight, you must do everything possible to clear the space under your seat of excess luggage. There should be enough room to stretch your legs. When you carry excess luggage, you will not be doing yourself any favor. Make sure you do not overdo things here by leaving out the essentials that you will need to survive the long-haul flight.

Stay Hydrated

When you are kept for long hours at higher altitudes, it is important that you stay hydrated. If you are in the right clothes, upgrade your seat, and come onboard with little luggage, hydration will pose a problem if not properly addressed. So get your bottle of water handy. It will be of help when push comes to shove during the flight.

Do not rely on the beverage that will be served by the air hostess. What you medically need most to avoid dehydration on a long flight is water, pure and simple. Imagine yourself in a situation where there is no water; this is an essential that you must take along with you on board. Forget about calling any air hostess for water.

Relax and Sleep

5 Travel Tips for Surviving Long-haul Flights
A woman resting during a long-haul flight

All that we have stated as essentials so far are geared towards ensuring better health while on board the long flight. We cannot ignore the importance of sleep. Undergo the ritual of breathing exercise in order to combat anxiety on the long flight. Come on board the flight with your eye mask and earplugs, which will help you shut out the light and the airplane noise.

This will provide an enabling environment to fall asleep. If the practical steps do not work for you, you can try sleeping pills. Go ahead and discuss prescription sleep medications with your doctor.

When you get some moments of sleep on air, you will come out of that long flight energized and refreshed.


Surviving long-haul flights can become a reality for anyone who reads and applies the five tips that we have disclosed above. They are all tailored towards healthy practices when you are on board. The solutions above are practical; they will take care of every issue.

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