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Best Cable TV and Internet Bundles

Check out the TV channels first before choosing a cable TV and internet bundle

When looking for new TV and internet services, whether you’re moving or just looking for a better deal, it’s often a good idea to bundle the two. A TV and internet bundle will simplify your bill by consolidating it under one provider. And the biggest benefit is the savings and …

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Top 5 Best Investment Apps to Use

Get your finances invested and organized with an investment app

Are you interested in investing? But don’t know where to begin? You’ve heard about investment apps but don’t know much about them? Don’t fret; this article is here to help you out. With these five investment apps, you can manage transactions, check out stock markets, and control your money. Get …

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Best Credit Cards for Bad Credit in Canada

Choose the right credit card to improve your credit score

Are you trying to apply for a credit card with a bad credit score? Worry that your application might get rejected? Fortunately, you can still get a credit card despite the bad credit score. Just remember, though, you won’t get one of those credit cards with exclusive perks and rich …

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8 Ways to Save Money With VoIP

VoIP offers convenience for your business

Are you trying to find ways to save money in your business? What if we say that using a VoIP system can help you do that?  Using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) makes calls for a small business cheaper. Using regular phone lines entails paying for phone calls based on …

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5 Ways to Consolidate Credit Card Debt

Consolidate your credit card debt

Are you worried about the debt you have hanging over your neck? Maybe you lost your job and now find yourself in a situation where you cannot manage your credit card debt.  No matter the situation, debt can be tricky to deal with it. But don’t be troubled. If you …

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10 Ways Your Credit Card Can Save You Money

Save money on your credit card

Who doesn’t love credit cards? It gives you that financial freedom to buy now and pay later. Credit cards also come with many offers and rewards. Some save your money. Others provide access to lifestyle benefits.  But did you know that you can get into debt if you’re not smart …

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10 Hacks to Save Money on the Cable Bill

Save money on the cable bill

Are you considering cutting your cable bill? Maybe you’re wondering how to save money on the cable bill? According to a recent Consumer Reports poll, 77% of us still pay for cable or satellite. However, the average US cable bill is $217 per month. To save your money, you need …

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