Why You Need a Safe Space for Pets

Cat and dog cuddling in a safe space for pets

Some pets are naturally nervous or skittish. Other times, there are specific triggers that will set your pet on edge in an instant. Having an area dedicated to your furry friend will give your pet a place where it can feel safe in an uncomfortable situation. Let’s go over the …

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Ways to Recognize Stress in Your Dog

Safe spaces relieve stress in your dog

Stress happens when a dog feels some external pressure. Maybe your pup is scared of going outside. Perhaps the thunder stresses your dog out. Either way, stress for pets can be challenging, so you need to recognize stress in your dog early. Some signals are subtle as the tension builds, …

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Why Pets Can Be Stress Relievers

A child with a pet rabbit

Traditional stress relievers include yoga or journaling, and they have their place among stress-relief techniques. Having pets can also be a stress reliever because of the many benefits they provide their human counterparts. A child with a pet rabbit Pets As Stress Relievers Animal lovers know that having a pet …

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Best Ways to Socialize Your Pup

Socialize your pup with daily walks

Dogs, young and old, need to socialize so they’ll know how to behave and be welcomed everywhere they go. There are specific techniques and methods to teach your dog how to be a good pup. Remember, not everything works for every dog, but something will work for your dog. Socialize …

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Best Types of Cat Food for Senior Cats

Gray cat eating food for senior cats

Kitties need special care, and when they get older, it’s time to get serious about their nutritional requirements. Adult cats need different nutrition compared to kittens and senior cats. Meeting their unique nutritional needs is crucial in keeping your kitty happy and healthy, especially when choosing food for senior cats. …

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10 Best Ways to Exercise Your Cats

Kitten playing with a ribbon toy

Cats are finicky creatures, and it’s not always easy to encourage exercise in these four-legged friends. You might not have even known that cat workouts were a thing, but they are, and vets will tell you that cats should keep up with exercise even into their senior years. Here are …

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Pros and Cons of a Raw Food Diet for Your Dog

Collie enjoying raw food

Many pet owners wonder if a raw food diet is a way to go with their dogs. There are pros and cons, so it’s a good idea to become an informed pet owner before making a decision. You have to know the risks to see if it’s worth putting your …

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3 Training Techniques to Potty Train Your Puppy

Puppy on a couch

When you bring a new puppy into your home, one of the important things to prepare for is how to potty train your puppy. You don’t want to deal with any unnecessary accidents, and new puppies can be challenging. Associating positivity with crates is essential to succeed in potty training …

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