Bike Insurance: What Is It and What Are the Important Points About It?

Some people think that bike insurance is just an additional expense to protect your bike. It will cover the costs if you crash your bike or if someone steals it. Some bikers do not think it is worth it because their bikes are not that expensive at all. To them, buying a brand new bike is easier than taking care of insurance premiums.

Bike Insurance: What Is It and What Are the Important Points About It?
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What Bicycle Insurance Is

Bike insurance is more than just protecting a bike. It is much like auto insurance. Once a cyclist has bike insurance, it will help cover the medical costs if the person gets into an accident. Of course, it will also cover the cost of the bike. This type of insurance acts as liability insurance if the bike owner is the one who causes a crash and injuries to other people.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Bike Insurance

Bike insurance may seem a small matter to tend to, but it will work if the insurer updates it. Insuring the bike does not make it untouchable. The bike owner must do everything to care for the bike and use it the right way.  Below are some of the things to do upon getting bike insurance.

1.      Be honest about health

Purchasing an insurance policy for a bike means that the insurer must tell the insurance agent about any existing medical issues or previous injuries. This can affect the payout if the user places a claim.

2.      Keep the bike secure

Insurance companies expect bike users to keep the bike secure at all times. Locks are minimal forms of security. An anchor lock can help keep the bike in place while in storage. This type of lock is cemented to the floor or to the wall. Locking the bike this way keeps the bike secure when the owner plans to leave for a long while. It is worth searching for a storage unit or a residential building with this type of feature.

3.      Informing the insurer of changes

Sometimes, the bike owner needs to travel or move to another home. The bike owner must forward the new address to the insurance company. That way, the information in the policy is always up-to-date. This also informs the insurance company of the policy owner’s location in case there is a claim.                                                                                                      

Bike Insurance: What Is It and What Are the Important Points About It?
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4.       Remember the exclusions

Before purchasing bike insurance, the bike owner must be aware of the inclusions and the exclusions of the policy. The exclusions are aspects that will determine whether the insurer will cover the bike owner or not. Bike owners must remember that most insurance providers will not cover the bike owner if the bike owner uses the bike for work. But, the insurance company will cover the bike owner if the bike is for commuting to and from work. The insurer will not cover a professional bike rider.

How the Pandemic Raised Awareness

The COVID-19 pandemic mandated isolation and social distancing. Public transportation and carpooling were not allowed during the first months of the pandemic. Many adults wanted to learn how to bike. As a result, bicycle sales went up, and so did cases of bicycle theft. This prompted bike owners to seek bike insurance.


Choosing a bike insurance company with connections to local bike shops will mean convenience and stress-free checking of what repairs the bike needs. The professional bike repairmen will make a clear report of how repairable the bike is. Then, they will give an estimate.

Liability protection in this type of insurance covers damages, medical costs, and death. It will pay for the dollar amount the bike owner preferred before the policy was created and signed. The insurance provider will also cover the bike’s loss and damages during travel. But, this can be difficult to place a claim for this. Crashing a bike is something an insurance provider can handle. A rider who gets severe injuries from the crash can have financial assistance to cover the medical bills.

Bike theft is also a common problem. This is a regular occurrence in urban areas. It is rare to recover a stolen bike. An insurance provider can cover the replacement of the bike. The insurer can also cover the repairs if there are damages to the bike while stolen.

Bike insurance also has crash protection. This feature can cover a crash while descending or loss of control. It can also cover the consequences of being hit by a vehicle from behind while attached to a hitch rack. An insurance provider that offers worldwide coverage can offer more peace of mind. This is for bikers who travel outside the United States and bring their bikes with them.

Bike Insurance Can Make Biking More Relaxing and Stress-free

Riding a bike is an enjoyable form of exercise and leisure activity. It is also an environmentally friendly way of getting around. Having bike insurance can make each ride feel safer, knowing that someone is watching out for you and your bike. Choosing the right insurer will allow you to have peace of mind wherever your two wheels take you.

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