Creating a Seamless Feel Between Indoor and Outdoor Living Spaces

When you link your indoor and outdoor space, you can make your living space feel bigger. By creating a seamless feel between indoor and outdoor living spaces, you’ll find yourself enjoying plenty of natural light and fresh air. You’ll find various options for all budgets that can make your experience even better.

Creating a Seamless Feel Between Indoor and Outdoor Living Spaces
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Universal Flooring

If you can, consider having the same flooring that extends from your indoor living room to your outdoor living space. The continuity makes the area feel much more extensive. Should you decide to go this way, remember to select an all-weather tile.

You can go a bit further by installing recessed tracks into your floor so that the doorway is flush with the floor. By having a flush threshold, you won’t need to step over anything, and it creates a seamless feel between the spaces even when the door is closed.

Knock Down the Wall

To open up from the indoors to the outdoors, knock down your solid wall and put in sliding glass doors. They let in the natural light and make your living spaces feel connected. You can also install floor-to-ceiling windows to let the light in. With the right drapes or blinds, you can add tremendous visual interest as well.

Another option is adding bi-fold doors. This type of door opens entirely and can create even more space between your indoor and outdoor living spaces. French doors always give off a classic feel while getting more daylight to enjoy.

Start From the Beginning

If you’re fortunate enough to be looking to build a custom home, design the living areas as a single space. You could add bench seating that extends all the way from an indoor breakfast nook to an outdoor kitchen. The space would feel open and ready to host friends and family.

Be sure to choose materials that blend well between the indoors and outdoors. Use the same color palettes where you can. A brick wall that extends from the side of the house in the same style as your home can make the outdoor space feel even more like it belongs.

Bring the Outside In

Bring plants and other greenery inside the home. Choose plants that can survive indoors and create an oasis in your indoor living space. Placement near a window can improve how you see the transition from inside to outdoors.

Consider the size of the plants because you don’t want to block the sunlight. To view the outside from the couch, consider bringing plants right outside your window. Raised beds can also make the space pleasant when you’re inside or outside.

Build an Outdoor Living Room

Enjoyable outdoor living spaces are furnished like an indoor space. A couch or lounge area is inviting to you and friends or family. You can find outdoor seating that will take what the weather throws at it, but you’ll have to do some research.

When it comes to outdoor furniture, you will get what you pay for, so don’t expect a cheaper set to last for years. If you’re okay with replacing or refreshing your look every couple of years, then it may just be the way to go for you.

Creating a Seamless Feel Between Indoor and Outdoor Living Spaces
Wood furniture for outdoor living spaces

Light It Up

Create lighting in a way that makes the outdoors feel like it continues once you walk outside. Having the proper decorative lighting can make a difference in the atmosphere. Good lighting can make or break the mood.

Choosing decorative lighting that complements the outdoor appearance is the best option. Floor lamps or twinkling lights strung up along the walls can be just the ticket to signal a fun place to hang out outside. Tiki torches placed in strategic points along a fence or around a deck can also add a fun touch.

Create Outdoor Living Spaces for You

As you work to create your outdoor living space, do it in a way that works for you. There are tons of DIY tutorials on YouTube and photo inspiration on Pinterest to get you there. Maybe the flooring is the way to go, or perhaps it’s all about getting the right outdoor rug. Even if you can’t knock down a wall, it doesn’t mean you can’t update your backdoor with something that lets in more light.

If you aren’t in a place to start from scratch with a new house, look at the existing outdoor elements and see what you can build from there. Experimenting with lighting is one option, or look for ideas of what you might want to do.  Don’t be afraid to be creative in building your outdoor space to create that seamless feel because you will love it once it happens.

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