7 Ways to Create a Private Outdoor Living Space

You want an outdoor space you can enjoy, but sometimes, you don’t want to worry about your neighbors being nosy. If you have kids that spend time outside, you also want to have extra privacy for them. Thankfully, you have plenty of options to create a private outdoor living space where everyone can have fun.

7 Ways to Create a Private Outdoor Living Space
Living walls provide a private outdoor living space

1. Ornamental Panels

Ornamental panels are usually made of wrought iron or aluminum and are added to a half wall made of brick. You can also find them in larger sizes if you want a taller wall. These panels are excellent choices if you wish to add privacy while also letting air and light pass through. Ornamental panels come in varying designs, so you can decide what works for you and your space.

2. Plant Walls

Make a wall out of plants for a secret garden feel to your outdoor living space. All you need is a trellis or lattice with planters attached. You can also encourage climbing vines or roses to grow up the side of the wall to cover the space. You’ll enjoy a living wall while also creating a sense of privacy when you go outside to enjoy your deck, porch, or patio.

3. Shade Sails

If you’re on a budget or only need a temporary covering, consider a shade sail. These shades create a barrier while they’re in place. They’re also easy to take down when you’re done. They are made from durable cloth and stretched tight. You attach them to walls, posts, trees, fences, or a pole explicitly made for this purpose. Since they aren’t permanent fixtures, you can remove them and store them for the winter when the weather changes.

7 Ways to Create a Private Outdoor Living Space
Shade sail over a table

4. Install a Pergola

Pergolas are easy-to-install outdoor fixtures that feel like they create rooms. They also come in various designs, from wrought iron and galvanized steel to cedar or PVC. You secure the legs to the ground to keep them steady. With all of the options, you can choose one with a retractable shade, a permanent cover, or one that encourages climbing plants to grow up the legs. Pergolas are also versatile as they can be placed on patios or directly in a yard, depending on your preference.

5. Outdoor Screens

You can attach an outdoor screen to your patio or porch to give you more privacy. Some are retractable, making it easy for you to pull it out when you need it. Screens create the illusion of a wall while allowing air to get through. You can install them around your deck, porch, or patio, depending on how private you want your space to be.

6. Opaque Glass Panels

Opaque glass panels are a chic modern way to create a walled-off private outdoor living space. The glass panels let the light through, but no one can see what is on your side of the wall because they’re opaque. The frosted glass gives you plenty of privacy but can cause issues with airflow. If you choose this route, you want to leave the top open and only use the panels around your space. Keep in mind that while the glass may be tempered, that doesn’t mean it won’t break. If you have kids or a particularly rowdy group of friends, glass panels may not be the best option for you.

7. Outdoor Draperies

If you’ve never thought about putting up outdoor curtains, you should consider the possibilities. They’re pretty as they float in the breeze and come in a variety of textures and colors. Some are sheer, and some are a little thicker for more privacy. Most can stand up to the weather because they come with a waterproof and UV resistant coating. Draperies are also easy to install as most of the time, all you need is a tension rod that fits between the posts on your porch.

Find Your Inspiration to Create a Private Outdoor Living Space

Having a private outdoor space gives you an area that you feel is more usable. Many times, people want to be outside, but they also want a sense of privacy. If that sounds like you, take a critical look at your backyard to see what would work for your space. If it so happens that ornamental panels are the way to go, you’re in luck, given all the designs to choose from. Maybe a living plant wall is more your thing. Perhaps a shade sail is the right call because you only need privacy every once in a while.

Perhaps you’re itching to build a pergola yourself to get it just right. Outdoor screens are always a good option, and outdoor glass panels can give an added sense of modern style. If you’re on a budget, one of the easiest things to do is install outdoor draperies. Any one of these ways will give you the privacy you crave so you can enjoy your private outdoor living space whenever you want.

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