A Dating Guide for Senior Citizens

Dating can be intimidating, no matter your age. However, it may seem more stressful if you’ve been out of the dating scene for a long time. Fortunately, there are things you can do to help yourself get back out there and enjoy it again if you are a senior citizen dating. There are no hard and fast rules, but general guidelines can help you prepare for the dating experience.

A Dating Guide for Senior Citizens
A senior couple on a beach date

Online Dating Sites

Online dating is an opportunity for people of all ages, including seniors, and many sites have been set up to connect seniors. If you are unfamiliar with computer use, you can take a computer class, seek assistance at the library, or ask your family members. Online dating can be difficult at first, but with some practice, it can be a simple way to meet a variety of potential partners. Keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • If it isn’t stated on their profile, feel free to ask what kind of relationship they seek.
  • It’s okay to be dating and talking to multiple people at once.
  • Always be wary of online scams – trust your gut and never send money or give out your personal details.
  • Uncomfortable people can be blocked and reported to the dating site.
  • Online chatting is a fun way to meet people before going on a date, so feel free to chat with multiple people.

Make sure to exercise caution when using the internet, but if you do, you might meet a compatible mate.

Offline Dating Services

You can also use a matchmaker, who personally selects people for you to meet. These services may also organize social events where you can meet multiple people at once. The process is safe and efficient, even though these organizations charge for their services.

Meeting in local farmers markets, medical buildings, or even a community college to take a course on a topic of mutual interest is another offline suggestion.

Set Boundaries for Your Dating Experience

It’s important to set your boundaries for your dating experience. Don’t worry about how other people date; instead, focus on what makes you happy. If you’ve always had the rule that you don’t kiss on the first date, don’t worry about it being “old school.” At the very least, your age should give you the right to set some reasonable boundaries.

Here are some dating tips that you can follow:

  • Only date one person at a time, or be open about your other relationships.
  • Only meet in public places until you have a good understanding of the other person.
  • Don’t jump into monogamy too quickly.
  • Make it clear to your family that you are dating again so that they are not taken aback.

Connect Through Friends and Family

Your friends and family can help you meet new people. They know your personality and interests and can connect you with people who share those interests. Attending friends’ weddings, graduations, and other social events exposes you to a broader range of senior people, some of whom you may like.

Meet Through Shared Hobbies or Interests

A Dating Guide for Senior Citizens
A senior couple on a date doing yoga

Activities and interests are another excellent way to meet people. It’s possible to meet someone at church or other events. If you enjoy recreational sports, there may be an interesting person in the park. Consider your interests and hobbies. Joining a club can also help you meet new people.

Dating Destinations

Senior couples have a variety of date options. You can do a hobby that you both enjoy as a date. For example, if both of you enjoy golf, plan a day date that includes lunch or dinner. A church picnic or attending an event or performance can also be enjoyable. Other alternatives include:

  • Movies or shows
  • Art gallery
  • Walking in the local park
  • Lessons in dance
  • A wine tasting event

Conversation Points

There are a few things to keep in mind when conversing. You may have had difficult experiences, but keep them to yourself until you get to know the person. As you start dating, don’t share personal medical or financial information. Be positive and authentic. On your first dates, ask questions about the other person and keep it lighthearted. Talk about your interests and favorite restaurants.

First Kiss

There’s no set time for your first, but it usually happens after a few dates. Don’t rush the physical aspect of meeting someone. Allow for a natural and comfortable first kiss so you can both enjoy the moment.

Safe Sex

Because the risk of pregnancy decreases with age, many sexually active seniors forego protection. With the rise in STDs over the last few years, it’s critical to protect yourself. Get examined at least once a year, and use condoms if you don’t know your partner’s sexual history.


Take a deep breath and enjoy the dating process as a senior. You never know when you’ll meet the right person and begin a meaningful and fulfilling relationship.

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