Best Types of Cat Food for Senior Cats

Kitties need special care, and when they get older, it’s time to get serious about their nutritional requirements. Adult cats need different nutrition compared to kittens and senior cats. Meeting their unique nutritional needs is crucial in keeping your kitty happy and healthy, especially when choosing food for senior cats.

Best Types of Cat Food for Senior Cats
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Nutrient Essentials for Cats

Cats are carnivores, and they need proteins and amino acids like arginine and taurine that are critical parts of a cat’s diet. They also need healthy fats as they act as carriers for vitamins and keep your cat’s fur healthy and shiny. Water should also be freely available for your cat to drink as needed.

Carbs and fiber aren’t as critical, but they give cats a good amount of energy which is why they should have it in their diet. Kitties also require several different vitamins and minerals to ensure they stay healthy, but too much of certain vitamins can be toxic. Balanced vitamins are crucial because you don’t want to give too much of what should be a good thing.

How to Choose Food for Senior Cats

The best type of food for senior cats is going to meet particular goals. What works for one cat may not work for another, so there is some trial and error. Ideally, you want your kitty to maintain a healthy weight, prevent chronic illness, and not worsen any existing diseases.

The taste makes a significant impact on the type of cat food your senior cat will enjoy. As cats get older, they start to lose their sense of smell, so having cat food with a strong taste is critical in getting your cat to eat regularly. Wet foods tend to have a more robust flavor than dry foods, so your cat may prefer them to dry options. Texture can also make a difference, especially if your kitty is missing teeth.

Moist foods are also better options for senior cats because they don’t have a strong drive to drink water. Giving them foods with high water content also ensures that they will get enough water in. Older cats are also prone to having urinary tract infections, so food with plenty of moisture can help them keep it under control.

Best Types of Cat Food for Senior Cats
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Dry Food for Senior Cats

Some cats can do well with dry food, and some even prefer it. You may need to add a little water to moisten it, but if it works, stick with it until it doesn’t.

Suggested Senior Cat Food: Royal Canin Appetite Control Dry Cat Food

When cats are spayed or neutered, it becomes more likely that they’re going to put on weight as they get older. Royal Canin Appetite Control Cat Food is perfect for senior cats that don’t have issues with kibble because it will keep them from overeating. An increase in fiber and a nutrient-rich blend makes this an ideal option.

Suggested Senior Cat Food: Wellness Complete Health Grain Free Senior Dry Cat Food

Wellness is known for developing pet foods that combine only the highest quality ingredients. This particular senior dry cat food encourages a strong immune system, provides excellent fiber, and contains all necessary proteins a cat needs to stay healthy.

Wet Food for Senior Cats

Finding the right food can be challenging, but wet cat foods can fit the bill pretty well. They have a high moisture content, and senior cats enjoy the taste more often than dry cat food.

Suggested Senior Cat Food: Purina Pro Plan Prime Plus

Prime Plus is canned cat food and is considered one of the best wet foods for senior cats. The blend of proteins comes from salmon and tuna and has plenty of healthy fats and fiber to encourage good digestion. High moisture content also makes sure your cat is getting enough water between meals.

Suggested Senior Cat Food: Blue Buffalo Carnivora Woodland Blend Grain-Free Mature Cat Food

Blue Buffalo has earned a reputation for having excellent nutrition in their foods. This Woodland Grain-free blend is full of protein. What makes this food unique is the way it mimics what a cat would find in the wild. It’s also full of dietary fiber and the vitamins and minerals a senior cat needs.

A Few Last Words on Food for Senior Cats

Senior cats need more care and an intentionally nutritious diet. Being aware of the nutrients they need helps you make sure you’re choosing the best foods for your kitty. Keep the nutrients in mind as you look, and remember that it might take some time to find the best cat food for senior cats. When in doubt, speak with your veterinarian about your cat’s needs before making your choice.

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