Why You Need a Safe Space for Pets

Some pets are naturally nervous or skittish. Other times, there are specific triggers that will set your pet on edge in an instant. Having an area dedicated to your furry friend will give your pet a place where it can feel safe in an uncomfortable situation. Let’s go over the details to create a safe space for pets.

Why You Need a Safe Space for Pets
Cat and dog cuddling in a safe space for pets

A Safe Space for Pets Is Important

Think about your own situation and what you do when you’re anxious or scared. Most people want to escape to a place that is comforting and makes them feel happy. It’s a place where you can be by yourself without any extra unwanted stimulation.

Pets are the same way. Cats and dogs don’t necessarily need large spaces like entire rooms. However, they need to have a place to go to when they feel anxious. Suggestions include closets, laundry rooms, a spare bedroom, or a crate. Someplace quiet and cozy is what your pet needs. Giving your dog or cat a safe space can also keep them from engaging in nervous behaviors like scratching inappropriate furniture or chewing up your belongings.

How to Choose a Safe Space for Pets

When deciding on where to set up a safe space for pets, you want to think about the location relative to your pet. With a dog or cat you already have, you may want to select a space that they prefer. Tailor the space to your pet’s needs with beddings and other comforts. You also want to make sure the area is pet-proof. For any pets, that means there is nothing they can destroy by chewing or playing with something they aren’t supposed to, like electrical cables.

Pets do well with smaller spaces, so a safe space could be the corner of a living room where people cannot go. If you have kids, creating a space like this can be more complicated. You’ll want to consider how much your pets might be bothered by surrounding noise and movement from other people. Some animals love to be near their owners, and others want a quiet space and to be left entirely alone.

What You Need in Your Pet’s Safe Space

What you need depends primarily on your pet. At the very least, you need to have a comfortable bed available, food and water bowls, toys, and possibly an extra blanket. If your dog has a crate as its safe space, you can also cover the crate with a blanket or a light sheet. The darkness creates a cozy feel for your furry friend.

Cats are similar in that they need a safe space when they’re anxious or scared. They also like to have a cozy space to find comfort when there are thunderstorms or people they don’t know. Dark, quiet corners of the house are their favorite places to go to feel safe.

Why Windowless Rooms Are Wonderful Choices

For incredibly anxious pets that have multiple triggers, windowless rooms are ideal. Neighbors, strangers, sudden sounds, and small children can be significant triggers for any pet, and being able to hide away from everything can be calming for your pet. No windows mean they can’t see anything like lighting or people, and loud noises will also be muffled.

If you aren’t home, giving your pet a windowless room with comfortable bedding and toys they love can be comforting. Such space will help keep them calm when you need to be away from home. A cat needs access to the space they need as much as a dog needs a comfortable space.

Transitioning a New Rescue or Foster

Rescue and foster pets need a gentle, caring home to begin to thrive. A blanket fort or a cozy space set up for them is the perfect place to start. A safe place like this helps them begin to transition into a family home environment. Rescues and fosters tend to be more nervous or anxious than the average pet. These animals need to know they have a place to hide when they need to pull away.

Why You Need a Safe Space for Pets
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They need to have a space that is all their own to give them a place to cope with their anxious feelings. For some animals, that might be snuggling under the covers, and for others, it could be hiding in a corner under a dresser. Pets are fickle creatures with moods and feelings just like humans. They need that extra care and understanding that goes along with moving to a new location.

Some Final Thoughts on Safe Spaces for Pets

Having a safe space for pets is critical in making them a part of your family. They need a safe space to retreat to when they are scared or feeling anxious. The space also needs to be a good place for your pet and the rest of the family. Your pet needs to feel comfortable and welcome with bedding and toys, too. It’s also important to remember that rescue or foster animals need a little extra love and care. Any animal with a safe space will thrive, knowing that it can pull away as necessary.

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