Student Insurance: The 5 Benefits of Insuring Students Abroad

Student insurance can help parents have peace of mind when sending a child to another country for further academic progress. As a parent, you spend a significant amount of money in helping your child study in a foreign school. Protecting the health of your child is also vital. That is why there is student insurance.

Studying in a foreign land can be stressful for students and their families. Student insurance minimizes financial losses in case something untoward happens. It also helps students feel secure about what they do while they study in a foreign country. Learn about what this insurance can bring you and your child by reading the following benefits:

Student Insurance: The 5 Benefits of Insuring Students Abroad
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1.      Enables Compassionate Visit

This coverage allows parents and a family member to visit. There is a clause in the policy that discusses the compassionate visit. The parent or guardian can choose a two-way compassionate visit. With this option, a family member can visit the student. Then, the student can visit back in case there is an emergency.

2.      Provides Full Medical Coverage

In case of a medical emergency, making financial arrangements can be difficult. It can cost a significant amount of money to get the child treatments in a foreign country. This is where comprehensive student insurance comes in. The policy will cover the majority of the expenses to take care of the medical emergency. It will cover travel expenses to the nearest doctor for checkups, personal accidents, and other possible health issues.

3.      Support During Study Interruptions

Some unavoidable chaotic events may interfere with the child’s studies for an indefinite period. These events may include an illness or a family emergency back in the home country. In situations like these, the family school fees for the missed semester can be credited back. The student could use it again once the situation normalizes.

4.      Helps With Personal Liabilities

The laws governing the country where the student is are different from the student’s origin country.  For instance, a student who breaks the law in a foreign country may cause harm to another person or property. This makes the student liable. The student must compensate the affected third party for injuries and damage to property. As a result, an uninsured student will have to pay out of pocket. This can be costly. Student insurance can cover the expenses in such situations.

5.      Provides Basic Coverage

Student insurance basic coverage covers common mishaps such as theft and loss of baggage. The coverage can replace the student’s items while in a foreign land. These are situations that may cause panic in the student. The insurance company can provide guidance and support to the student in just one call. This will make the student’s stay in the foreign country much better.

Foreign Universities Require Insurance Coverage

Universities in foreign countries know and understand the risks their foreign students face. Therefore, they require their foreign students to get student insurance. This is a precaution in case a student needs hospitalization and any form of medical care while studying. Foreign universities may have affiliate insurance providers in their country.

Student Insurance: The 5 Benefits of Insuring Students Abroad
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How to Get Student Insurance

Parents or students can get student insurance through the local school. The home university can offer international students a health insurance policy. Another option is through a private insurance provider. Private health insurance companies can offer a student visa-compliant student insurance plan. This is good for students who want to study abroad.

Students can also get international student insurance plans online. This is for travelers, ex-pats, and students who need to travel to more than one country. This is for students who want to study abroad and then come back home for a time. Any method can give the parents and students peace of mind.

Choosing the Right Student Insurance

Making the right decision depends on what the student needs. The policy must provide coverage for medication, medical treatments, and medical evacuation. Looking at the policy’s maximum limit will show how much the insurance company will pay for the illness, injury, or for the entire period of the policy.

Knowing how much the policy’s deductible is will provide a good idea of how much the policy owner must pay before the insurance company pays for the rest of the expenses. A low deductible means a more expensive policy. A high deductible means less expensive insurance.

The policy must cover everything the student might need while studying in a foreign country. It may include dental, pre-existing conditions, and even maternity. The policy also has to meet the school’s requirements. The insurance company must have PPO networks. These networks are facilities where the student can get medical treatment. PPO networks can choose to bill the insurance company instead of having the student pay out-of-pocket.

Student Insurance Can Make Studying Abroad Safer and More Secure

You will try your best to help once your child decides to study abroad for college. One of the most optimal ways to be there for your child is to invest in a good student insurance coverage. This will provide your child support during trying times. Doing thorough research will help you find a student insurance provider with the best coverage.  

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