Body Part Insurance: Understanding What It Is and How It Works

Believe it or not, body part insurance is real. The principle behind it is the same as getting life insurance or any precious possession you might have. A body part you consider an asset is the primary source of your fame and income. Severe damage to it will result in the loss of income. It may sound unusual for most people, but it is legal and possible. In fact, more and more people are getting body part insurance.

Body Part Insurance: Understanding What It Is and How It Works
A woman with body part insurance for her legs

The Definition

Actors and artists made body part insurance popular. That is why it is often associated with them. As a result, most people think that this type of insurance is only for high-profile celebrities. However, anyone from any industry can insure a body part. This policy can protect and cover a person’s livelihood if the person relies on a body part to earn a living. The lost, deformed, or injured insured body part will result in a payout for the loss of income or work.

The People Who Can Get Body Part Insurance

Body part insurance is available to anyone who needs a specific part of the body to work for a living. Artists, surgeons, performers, and athletes are some of the professionals who often get this type of coverage. Anyone from any industry can insure a body part. As long as that part of the body makes the person’s work possible.

Insurable Body Parts

The world first heard of body part insurance when fashion and runway models began to insure their legs and arms. This is understandable and acceptable because models make their living with their looks. They will lose significant earnings if a disability keeps them from working. A model may decide to insure many parts of the body at the same time. Breasts, legs, and arms are insurable. A model can even insure a smile.

Getting body part insurance is now commonplace. As a result, more unusual body parts are ending up being insurable. The taste buds of a chocolate maker, sommelier, or chef can be covered. A football player’s legs are also insurable. Below are some celebrities and the body parts they have insured:

  • Madonna’s breasts
  • Keith Richards’ hands
  • Miley Cyrus’ tongue
  • Troy Polamalu’s hair
  • America Ferrera’s smile
  • Tom Jones’ chest hair
  • David Beckham’s face and legs
  • Fernando Alonso’s thumbs
  • Bruce Springsteen’s voice
  • Gennaro Pelliccia’s taste buds
  • Ilja Gort’s nose
  • Heidi Klum’s legs

An individual must only present proof that the loss of the body part will lead to loss of income and livelihood. A comprehensive life insurance policy will cover the entire body. Celebrities can afford to take out body part insurance through the brands they promote. The insurance policy for their body parts will promote the brand and the celebrity.

Body Part Insurance: Understanding What It Is and How It Works
A beautiful eye can be insured

How Body Part Insurance Works

Celebrities are the primary clients who seek this type of insurance because of their income. An individual must pay higher premiums because this is surplus lines insurance. It is more expensive than regular insurance policies. A showbiz company will choose the most expensive disability and standard policies for a celebrity first. Then, it will choose specialty insurance policies for extra coverage for its important star.

People who are thinking about getting body part insurance can do so. Anyone can have this type of coverage if the person thinks it is important. This insurance policy is available to ordinary people as long as the individual can pay the premium.

Body part insurance is not a standard type of insurance. That is why insurance companies do not offer it. It is a high-level, individualized policy. The general public has no access to it. But, you can buy it if you can afford it. Some insurance companies are specialty insurance providers. Those who buy body part insurance get special attention and an expensive premium.

Business Owners Get This Policy As Well

Many company owners get body part insurance to keep their businesses running even if they lose their capability to run it themselves. There could be untoward incidents that may cause them to lose a body part that helps keep the business going. A wine expert and chef will lose the business if they lose their ability to smell or taste.

A more affordable version of body part insurance is the policy for death and dismemberment from an accident. It is not as sophisticated as the policy for a celebrity’s legs, but it is affordable. The person who loses a body part can get a supplement income because of unemployment.

Get Body Part Insurance If You Want to Protect a Body Part for Your Livelihood

Getting body part insurance is possible even for ordinary people. But you must afford to pay the expensive premium for the special attention you will get for this policy. Celebrities use this policy in case they lose their valuable, money-making body parts. Choosing the right provider of body part insurance can be difficult. It can also be fulfilling, though, once you make your strong selection.

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